Bahrain has a rich history that was later found by archaeologists. Archaeological evidence dating back to the third millennium B.C.E. indicates that Sumerians probably settled the main island. Around 2000 B.C.E. it was known as Dilmun where it was described as legendry Aden gardens in epic of Gilgamesh. Dilmun served as a trading post on the route between Indus valley (now India) and Mesopotamia (now Iraq). In the fourth century, C.E. Bahrain was annexed in the Sasanian Empire. In the seventh century, Muslims conquered the area and ruled until the sixteenth century. In 1521, Portugal took control, using Bahrain as a pearling post and military garrison. This situation lasted until 1602, when the Persians wrested the country from the Portuguese. The ruler Ahmed Bin Khalifa took control from the Persians in 1783; his descendants lead this country to this day.


Manama and Muharraq used to know as Taylors and Arados by the Greeks in the third century B.C.E. They were rich of palm trees, pearl, fish and other natural resources.


During its history Bahrain was called by different names such as Awal, before Islam. It was named after a god of the ancient Wael tribe that used to live in Bahrain at that time.
Bahrain adopted Islam in 629AD, after receiving a messenger sent by Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). Bahrain people played a great role in conquering many places afterward.
Al-Khamees mosque considered as one of the first mosques built in Bahrain, where it was mentioned in one of the manuscripts. It says that it was built during the ruler Omer Bin Abdul-Aziz testament.

Working hours:

Public sector working hours: from 7. 30am to 14.15pm from Sunday to Thursday (Five days a week).
Private sector: working hours differ, but most of the corporate start from 8.00am to 1.00pm and then from 3.00pm to 5.30pm five days a week.
Shops and malls: from 8.30am to 12.30 pm, and then from 3.30pm to 5.30pm six days a week. Some of the shops work on Friday morning with different timing. Banks: from 7.30am to 12.00pm from Sunday to Thursday. Some of the branches open from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. During Ramadan, working hours differ from a corporate to another.


Friday and Saturday are the public sector weekend, companies and banks weekends are Friday, Saturday with half day working hours on Thursday.


20 minutes drive from Manama city to Sitra Fisherman’s Port and 10 minutes by Sea Taxi - Al Dar Islands is the nearest island getaway in Bahrain.


  • Salt n Peppa Cafe and Bar – Beat the hunger after that rejuvenating swim with a variety of salads, sandwiches, Al Dar Islands light bites. Enjoy our scrumptious hearty flamed grilled meats and sea-food every weekend. Cool yourself off with cocktails that’ll put you in the mood for a great time at the beach. For more information on food & drinks at Al Dar Islands.
  • Thrift shop – Don’t worry, just relax. There’s just about everything you need to enjoy your day at the Islands - from cool prints shorts to flying kites to sunscreen lotions. Join us in our urge to protect our environment by buying re-usable and eco-friendly gifts and souvenirs.
  • Docking Facility – Sail your way to us and treat yourself to the Al Dar Islands experience. Dock your buoyant beauty for free at the jetty and buy your entry tickets at the Island.
  • Our service staff are “pleasant and friendly”. They know why you’ve chosen to spend the day at Al Dar Islands and make sure you feel great at the end of it. They are also trained in fire safety and first aid.
  • Parties & events – Imagine a beach party with some cool tunes blended with the waves of the sea or a birthday party with a crazy pirates theme or a team building course for your staff. It can all happen at Al Dar Islands. For Corporate packages, School packages, tour agents’ packages or special romantic trips package.

Full Moon Night Party

Party from daylight to full moon light. Amazing fire dancers. Showers, Changing room and Prayer room are available. Sun-beds and Towels are also available upon request.


  • Dolphin Watch - Beautiful choreographed moves in the water and the glittering effects on their bodies - they are the real stars of the aquatic world.We'll organize trips to watch them play around in the sun.

Rates -Adults BD 4

Child (4- 10years) - BD 4

Minimum trip charge - BD 24

  • Fishing Trips - Gather your mates and compete for the biggest or the most catch.It's simply thrilling when you are reeling in one.

Rates -BD 75 for a minimum of 3hours. (Trip includes refreshments)

Have a romantic day out with your partner or simply have a great time at sea with friends.We'll satisfy your needs to be at sea for thepleasure of it and show you around some of the interesting nearby islands.

Rates :

Jeradah - BD 60.Trip duration - 2hrs (Trip includes refreshments)

UM Jaileed - BD 30. Trip duration - 1hr (Trip includes refreshments)

For more information and bookings, please call +973 17491207 or email to :

Terms & Conditions :

  1. All trips are subject to weather conditions.Al Dar Islands will not be responsible for eventual delays due to unavoidable or unforseen circumstances on account of vandalism, storms, fires or natural calamities.
  2. Prior booking is required.
  3. Guests should hold a valid ID card with them.
  4. Own food and beverages are strictly not allowed on these trips.

Leisure Trips to Island

  • Jet Skying - If you think you are a biker at heart then dont stop yourself at sea too.Feel the adrenaline rush!

Rates : BD 7/15 mins

BD 25/1hr

Terms & Conditions :

  1. Lessee should be 18yrs and above
  2. Id will be retained by Jet Ski operator during rental period.
  3. Safety instructions of Jet Ski operator to be followed at all times.
  4. In case of non-compliance, Jet Ski will be taken back immediately without refund.
  5. Safe distance should be maintained from shoreline, other water craft or Jet Ski.
  6. Lessee will be liable for any damage caused to the Jet Ski or any injuries.
  7. Management reserves the right for admission.
  • Snorkeling - The lagoon is where you can experience it on your own.Snorkel to find some of Bahrain's interesting array of fish in their natural habitats.

Rates : Snorkel Kits - BD 1/hr

Other activities include Water slide and Beach Volleyball court.


We can customize the packages at your interest to accomplish utmost satisfaction and unforgettable holiday.

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